Phony Ppl releasing ‘mō’zā-ik’ (stream “Way Too Far”)

NYC hip hop/neo-soul band Phony Ppl‘s last album was 2015’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow, and in that time, the group and its individual members have continued to rise up in the world. They played The Roots’ Jam Sessions during this year’s Grammy week, guitarist Elijah Rawk began playing in Princess Nokia’s band, and keyboardist Aja Grant contributed to the new Mac Miller album. Now Phony Ppl are set to release their own new album, mō’zā-ik, on October 19 via 300 Entertainment, and the first taste of it is the gorgeously psychedelic “Way Too Far.” With its chilled-out, reverb-heavy production and lush harmonies, it’s the kind of thing that could appeal to fans of anything from Rotary Connection to Frank Ocean. Here’s what singer Elbee Thrie tells us about it:

This song captures that eureka moment: realizing that you’ve been going way over the top for a while now just to make sure somebody else remains content.. and sustaining that feeling for them is draining the life out of you. you may not know what it is yet, but something’s definitely gotta change.

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